Query Processor

Last update: June 6, 2002

Before starting to build the query see the requeriments to execute the service.

  1. Choose user ontology

  2. Query edition

  3. Execution


How to add the above permissions to your local JVM:

  1. Execute policytool or downloand this .java.policy and jump to the "Save File" step .
  2. Press the button "Add Policy Entry" (the file you are editing is the default one in your system)
  3. Enter an empty codeBase field
  4. For each row in the above table:
    • Press the button "Add Permission"
    • Enter the permission data of the corresponding row into the form
    • Press OK
  5. Press "Done"
  6. Menu "File", option "Save" (it could be saved as ".java.policy" in c:\windows)
  7. Exit the policytool
  8. Restart web browser
  9. Build a query

May 29, 2001