Ontology Based System Enhanced with Relationships for Vocabulary hEterogeneity Resolution

Simple Demo of OBSERVER: Access to Data underlying an Ontology

Last update: June 24, 2003

The concept hierarchy of the ontology "International Accommodation" used in this example is:

The International Accommodation ontology has been developed in CICLOP.

(default-expressiveness ALCFIHR+)
(new-tbox STRING-TBOX string)
(new-tbox NUMERIC-TBOX numeric)
(new-tbox hotels ALCFIHR+)
(current-tbox hotels)
(define-primitive-role Building)
(define-primitive-role Meals)
(define-primitive-attribute-connector Facilities STRING-TBOX)
(define-primitive-attribute-connector Location STRING-TBOX)
(define-primitive-attribute-connector Units NUMERIC-TBOX)
(define-primitive-attribute-connector Stars NUMERIC-TBOX)
(define-primitive-attribute-connector Price NUMERIC-TBOX)
(define-primitive-attribute-connector Name STRING-TBOX)
(define-concept Hotel (AND *hotels-TOP* (ALL Units (> 1)) (ALL Building Collective)))
(define-concept FirstClassHotel (AND Hotel (ALL Stars (>= 4))))
(define-concept CongressHotel (AND Hotel (SOME Facilities (aset "Conference Rooms"))))
(define-concept Rental (AND *hotels-TOP* (ALL Building Private)))
(define-concept Bungalow (AND Rental (ALL Units (= 1))))
(define-concept Apartment (AND Rental (ALL Units (> 1))))
(define-concept BedAndBreakfast (AND *hotels-TOP* (ALL Building Private) (SOME Meals Breakfast)))
(disjoint Collective Private)

Notice that mappings of role "Price" include three transformer functions to translate values from the semantics of the ontology (in dollars) into the semantics of the three repositories (in euros, UK pounds and DK crowns, respectively).

Repository 1: Accommodation in Denmark
Data organization: HTML form
Price is stored in: DK crowns
Repository 2: Accommodation in UK
Data organization: XML file
Price is stored in: UK pounds
Repository 3: Accommodation in Germany
Data organization: Relational database
Price is stored in: euros