PDA's Operative Systems

Last update: February 21, 2002

Windows CE  ]

Microsoft's Operative System for Handhelds.

The version of Internet Explorer included in this OS is a lite version. This means that, for example, we can't use Java on it, so most of the internet pay modes will not work correctly. Related with e-mail the basics are covered, but if there're attached files or the mails are too long (big sized) may be some problems. We must be specially carefull with the "standart" file types cause the famous .doc for PC it's not the same than .doc in Windows CE.

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Pocket PC 2002  ]

New Microsoft's Operative System for this Year.


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Palm OS  ]

3Com's Handheld Operative System

Related with e-mail compatibility, Palm V as Palm IIIx can work with Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and other commercial clients. There's no Web Browser included in 3Com Palm OS software, but we can find freeware and shareware versions of similar software.

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Symbian/EPOC  ]

The e-mail client included in this OS is Message Suite, similar as Outlook, but with some limitations by his small screen size. If we want to check our mail box, the Serie 5 provides the mechanishm to look mail's origin and choose for download only the interesting ones. Using the Web Browser we can see again the same problems with the small capacity of the Serie 5's memory size. So, we must be carefull with the size of the pictures that we can download from a web page.

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SavaJe XE  ]

SavaJe XE is the first operating system to run Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE) applications on information appliances. Version 1.0 supports the Compaq iPAQ, but SavaJe XE can be ported onto any device that meets the minimum requirements. The product includes a binary license for the target device, documentation, support, and necessary applications and device drivers.

Product Highlights
  • 32-bit multi-tasking and multi-threaded operating system
  • Integrated Java Virtual Machine optimized for information appliances
  • Small footprint, advanced power management
  • Supports full Java 2 Standard Edition APIs, packages and classes, including Swing, Java 2D, AWT, Full Java 2 security, JDBC, Jini, RMI, and CORBA
  • Bundled with full browser, PIM, email client, MP3 player, notepad, several tools and games
  • Runs mobile database environments such as Pointbase, and Cloudscape
  • Runs any J2SE applications within available memory footprint
  • Available now on the Compaq iPAQ
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February 21, 2002