Available publications published as inproceedings where J. A. Royo appears as an author

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    N. Mitrovic, J.A. Royo and E. Mena, "Performance Analysis of an Adaptive User Interface System Based on Mobile Agents", Engineering Interactive Systems. Conference on Design Specification and Verification of Interactive Systems. 14th DSV-IS Conference Salamanca (Spain), Springer Verlag Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS 4940), ISBN 978-3-540-92697-9, ISSN 0302-9743, pp. 1-17, March 2007.

    J.A. Royo, E. Mena and L.C. Gallego, "Locating Users to Develop Location-Based Services in Wireless Local Area Networks", I Symposium on Ubiquitous Computing and Ambient Intelligence (UCAmI’2005), Granada (Spain), Thomson, ISBN 84-9732-442-0, pp. 471-478, September 2005.

    N. Mitrovic, J.A. Royo and E. Mena, "Adaptive User Interfaces Based on Mobile Agents: Monitoring the Behavior of Users in a Wireless Environment", I Symposium on Ubiquitous Computing and Ambient Intelligence (UCAmI’2005), Granada, (Spain), Thomson, ISBN 84-9732-442-0, pp. 371-378, September 2005.

    J.A. Royo, R. Trillo, S. Ilarri and E. Mena, "Gestión y Detección de Inconsistencias en Colecciones de Referencias Bibliográficas", V Jornadas de Bibliotecas Digitales (JBiDi'05), Granada (Spain), Thomson, ISBN 84-9732-453-6, pp. 29-36, September 2005.

    J.A. Royo, E. Mena, J. Bernad and A. Illarramendi, "Searching the Web: From Keywords to Semantic Queries", Third International Conference on Information Technology and Applications (ICITA'05), July 4-7, 2005, Sydney (Australia), IEEE Computer Society, ISBN 0-7695-2316-1, pp. 244-249, July 2005.

    N. Mitrovic, J.A. Royo and E. Mena, "ADUS: Indirect Generation of User interfaces on Wireless Devices", Fifteentth International Workshop on Database and Expert Systems Applications (DEXA'2004), Seventh International Workshop Mobility on Databases and Distributed Systems (MDDS'2004), IEEE Computer Society, ISBN 0-7695-2195-9, ISSN 1529-4188, pp. 662-666, September 2004.

    J.A. Royo, E. Mena and R. Acero, "Agentes Java para Dispositivos Móviles con Conexión Bluetooth", I Congreso Java Hispano, Madrid (Spain), Universidad Carlos III, ISBN 84-688-8080-0, pp. 44-55, October 2003.

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    J.A. Royo and E. Mena, "Gestión de Bibliotecas Digitales de Publicaciones de Investigación", III Jornadas de Bibliotecas Digitales (JBIDI'2002), El Escorial (Madrid), Spain, ISBN 84-688-0205-0, José H. Canós, Purificación García (ed.), Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, pp. 77-86, November 2002.

    E. Mena, J.A. Royo, A. Illarramendi and A. Goñi, "An Agent-based Approach for Helping Users of Hand-Held Devices to Browse Software Catalogs", Cooperative Information Agents VI, 6th International Workshop CIA 2002, Lecture Notes on Artificial Intelligence (LNAI), ISBN 3-540-44173-5, pp. 51-65, September 2002.

    E. Mena, J.A. Royo, A. Illarramendi and A. Goñi, "Adaptable Software Retrieval Service for Wireless Environments Based on Mobile Agents", International Conference on Wireless Networks (ICWN'02), Las Vegas (USA), CSREA Press, ISBN 1-892512-30-0, pp. 116-124, June 2002.

    J.A. Royo and E. Mena, "Uso de Agentes Móviles para la Búsqueda y Recuperación de Información Bibliográfica", II Jornadas de Bibliotecas Digitales (JBIDI'2001), Almagro (Ciudad Real), Spain, ISBN 84-699-6276-0, P. De la Fuente, A. Pérez (ed.), Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, pp. 223-234, November 2001.

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