Explanation of the logo


These are the ingredients of the logo:

  • Graphic idea: the octopus. In the scientific community, it is considered the most intelligent animal on the planet (or among the most intelligent ones). Our octopus searches, finds, and processes in its brain the information retrieved to classify it semantically with its tentacles.
  • Chromatism and typography. In terms of visual language, the purple color transmits "sophistication" and "exclusivity". The typography used transmits an erudite image because it reminds the standard type font used frequently in book printing (culture necessary to classify semantically the results of a search).
  • Name: Doctopush. It involves three concepts: "Docto", "Octopus", and "Push" (energy, strong movement). It sounds well and it can be understood internationally. Besides, it fits very well with the graphical representacion.

Author: José Ilarri.

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