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In this web page, we show some videos of SHERLOCK and provide a link to download the current version for Android.

Videos of SHERLOCK app

In the first video we show SHERLOCK for "Meeting Fellow Researchers". We used two mobile devices (a smartphone Google Galaxy Nexus and a tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.0) for the video test. First, we show how a user that runs SHERLOCK for the first time is asked for his name (and the system has no knowledge about this name). Then, we share knowledge about a researcher with a PC tool and run SHERLOCK on the tablet. This time when the user indicates his name SHERLOCK has knowledge about him (he is a researcher).

Video 1 download link (mp4 format)

In the second video we show SHERLOCK for "Looking for Transportation". The PC tool has shared knowledge about transports in Zaragoza (Spain) with our SHERLOCK. For example, it now knows that there is a web service that offers the location of bus stops in Zaragoza. Also, it knows that there is another web service that given a bus stop shows the remaining time for buses.

Video 2 download link (mp4 format)

Try SHERLOCK for Android

--May 2013--

To test SHERLOCK in your smartphone first download it HERE (4.X Android version is recommended).

If you need help you can take a look at the Quick User Guide HERE.