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Version 1.3.8

The HermiT reasoner is implemented in Java and supports full OWL 2 and DL safe rules with reasoning based on a hypertableaux algorithm. It was the first DL reasoner that could classify some large ontologies thanks to a novel and efficient classification algorithm. HermiT is also included in the Protégé (the most popular ontology editor) distribution.

HermiT 1.3.8 cannot be converted directly to Dalvik

To compile HermiT reasoner we need to include the following libraries to our Android’s HermiT library project:

As for the HermiT sources, there are some classes that are not required in order to use the reasoner, so we simply remove them:

Once we have compiled the sources with the given libraries we build them to get our Android’s HermiT library. Finally include the next libraries in your project to get it working:

The HermiT 1.3.8 version for Android is available at GitHub and as a zip file.