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Semantic Information Systems on Mobile Computing Environments

Some of the systems that we have created use the semantic information management techniques that we have developed and apply them in the field of data management in wireless environments, building in this way semantic data services for the mobile computing area.

Here are some of the systems that we have developing in current and past projects that use and combine the techniques developed in our two main areas of research, semantic information systems and data access in wireless environments.


We list below the projects or lines of work and their funded projects:



(2004 - ...)

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A system to provide mobile user with Location Based-Services in Wireless Environments. SHERLOCK searches and shares up-to-date knowledge from nearby devices to relieve the user from knowing and managing such knowledge directly. Besides, the system guides the user in the process of selecting the service that best fits his/her needs in the given context.


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Autonomous ageNT bAsed aRChitecture for cusTomized mobIle Computing Assistance). In collaboration with the Networking Group in the Faculty of Computer Science, in San Sebastian.


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Título del proyecto: Datos 4.0: Retos y soluciones - UZ
Código: TIN2016-78011-C4-3-R
Entidades participantes: Univ. de Zaragoza
Duración, desde: 30-12-2016 hasta: 29-06-2021 (4.5 años)
Investigador principal: IP1: Dr. Eduardo Mena, IP2: Dr. Sergio Ilarri, Profesores Titulares de Universidad, Univ. de Zaragoza
Número de investigadores participantes: 14
Importe total: 177.507 €