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In this page you can find links to some tools and data related to CIDER, our ontology alignment system.

Ontology matching, the task of determining relations that hold among terms of two different ontologies, is a key issue in the Semantic Web and other related fields.
CIDER, our schema-based alignment algorithm, compares each pair of ontology terms by, firstly, extracting their ontological contexts up to a certain depth (enriched by using transitive entailment) and, secondly, combining different elementary ontology matching techniques (e.g., lexical distances and vector space modelling) by means of artificial neural networks. Benchmark results show a very good behaviour in terms of precision, while preserving an acceptable recall.

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Prototypes and demos:

CIDER system will be available for downloading in a near future. Meanwile it is available upon request. If interested, contact Jorge Gracia at jorge.gracia@unizar.es

Experimental evaluation:

CIDER participated in the OAEI'11 and OAEI'08 evaluation campaigns. More information can be found in the Seals platform web page (2011 campaign) and also here (2008 campaign)

Related publications:

People that participated:

Jorge Gracia (corresponding author), Jordi Bernad, Carlos Bobed, Mauricio Espinoza, Raquel Trillo, Eduardo Mena (director)