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The purpose of this platform is to research issues related to information extraction and text mining, but we believe that the evidence in real environments are very enriching and can provide data to assist in research so that in the future can be developed useful systems and direct practical application.

That is why it is very interesting for us to collaborate with public and private organizations putting into practice this platform. As our vocation is not commercial, we work with companies that perform technology implementation in collaboration with us.

The project is carried out as follows: a mixed team composed of working researchers, analysts and developers analyze in detail the functional requirements of the organization concerned, to develop a work proposal that integrates GENIE modules required to give a solution the need raised.

Later development and implementation is led by the team previously appointed by the client. Here our main concern is supervision, counseling and training for both end users and technical staff...

If you are a potential user o reseller interested in our work and you see a practical application of it with your organization or yopur customers, contact us through our mail and we will study the case in order to find ways to collaborate that support our research purposes.

Different features of this framework have already been implemented in several companies and organizations with satisfactory results. More information.