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About this Project

GENIE is the acronym of GENeric Information Extraction Framework. GENIE is an architectural proposal that implements a set of components which objective is to provide tools to make easier information extraction with easily accessible formats using Machine Learning, IA Technics, Natural Language Processing tools and Semantic Methods.

Why Genie?

The reason for developing this framework is to provide a general purpose platform capable of integrating all kinds of processes related to the information extraction and that can be developed for applications which require execution of components capable of handling tasks relevant to disambiguation, the language analysis, labeling and text classification, summary writing, semantic search, etc.

Information Extraction

The Information extraction is a science that deals with the search for data on any type of digital documentary collection in a pertinent and relevant way. And this is the main field of activity of the platform GENIE. Today the access to large amounts of information has become something regular in our lives and it is being considered the need for tools to collect, organize, analyze and distribution this information. These products require capabilities that are not trivial and that can hardly be found in commercial products.

That is why it has been considered very useful to have software that assembles in common framework different elements to tackle this problem from different angles, giving also the possibility of automate many usual processes related to the extraction information. This can help limit the possibility of human errors in these tasks, increase productivity of organizations and save the resources needed to achieve their goals.

Who we are?

GENIE it is being developed at the University of Zaragoza, within The SID Research Group that has an extensive experience in issues related to the Semantic Web. In the project are working together doctors, engineers, academicians, scholars and business professionals. You can meet us taking a look at the tab of Staff

  • Creating a framework able to handle different languages and to integrate a large number of processes related to information extraction.


  • Integrating in this framework modular, generic and open tools that can be used in other external applications.


  • Developing an open framework allowing future expansion.


  • Facilitate experimentation and testing allowing the improvement of actuals methods and the development of new tools that represent an innovation in the field of information extraction.