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Practical Applications

In addition to its high interest as a research platform, this software has a lot of practical applications almost immediately:


Web Page Search Engines: Increase the performance of a standard index of terms based search engine, making their behavior closer to a semantic search engine. That allows getting results although gender (male or female), the number (singular or plural) and verb forms are different from the key words used in the query. It also consider synonyms and related words when retrieving data, which greatly enhances the user experience.


Web Page Documentation Archives: GENIE can help to improve the productivity of a administration or documentation department by automating tedious tasks of tagging, either general or even more detailed, as GENIE has tools capable of performing semantic labeling with a high level of precision. GENIE Not only can tag, but through a suitable interface could alter if necessary item details in the document database. Furthermore GENIE has links to geographical databases, making it capable of taking into account tagged text locations and it disambiguates when it needs. Besides, GENIE is able to produce summaries of text with a defined extension, something very useful in many areas.


Web Page Information management: With the ability to 'understand' a text, GENIE can extract information from a text and then, or translate to measurable values, or fill sheets. The System can be applied to the analysis of text data, for reporting, analysis of brand reputation, or for implementing filters.


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