Research Group of
Distributed Information Systems (SID)

Last update: November 19, 2017


Faculty PhD. Researchers Research assistants PhD. Students Other collaborators Undergraduate students
Dr. Eduardo Mena (Director)
Dr. Jorge Bernad
Dr. Jorge Gracia
Dr. Fernando Bobillo
Dr. Lacramiora Dranca
Dr. Mauricio Espinoza
Dr. Carlos Bobed Ignacio H. Velasco Nikola Mitrovic
Ángel Luis Garrido
María Granados
Álvaro Peiró
Pilar Blázquez
Dr. José Alberto Royo
Juan J. Turmo

Past Members


Main research areas

26-09-2016: Podcast about the SID research group (3', 4Mb, in Spanish)

02-11-2010: Interview in Aragon Radio about the SID research group (11', 10Mb, in Spanish)

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February. 8, 1995